Universal Time-Space

The book “Universal Time-Space” arose as a result from a bold idea for interpretation of the basic natural terms, the physical entities: time and space. It deals with topics from physics, but the analysis adds an additional emphasis from the philosophical point of view, in order to describe the physical phenomena in a deeper sense. Therefore, this book belongs to the field of philosophy of the natural sciences. The book has its own original approaches and novelties, as well as its own definitions of new physical laws and quantities.
Although the book is written in an understandable way for a wider circle of readers, however, it can not be considered elementary, because it deals with topics with exact issues and enters in very deep things. It is therefore desirable for the readers of this book to have an natural science culture built up to a certain extent. The book is also intended for philosophers, whose view of the world without natural foundations would not be possible. It can also serve as an inspiring theme for the eternal thoughts about the universal life, the infinity, and the universe.

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